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About Maps.lt

Maps.lt is an Internet map site for interactive navigation within a territory, geographical location search on a map and introduction to geographical databases as well as digital maps. The Interactive Internet website is based on ArcGIS technologies. For more information on maps.lt and ArcGIS technology please contact us at maps@hnit-baltic.lt or tel.: 8 (5) 2150575.

Maps.lt is an excellent tool for planning your leisure time. Business entities will find new possibilities for their business development. Professional GIS users will discover required maps and data for solving their tasks. In addition, maps can be immediately ordered at the Internet website.

Maps.lt is based on the most modern digital maps and vector geodatabases that enable high interactive performance. The most modern ArcGIS technologies and reliable data ensure high service quality and reliability. Map contents and geography are regularly supplemented and updated.

Currently maps.lt provides following free of charge options:

More information about maps.lt capabilities is available at Services -> Maps.lt.

For professional GIS users and business solutions maps.lt offers:

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